Harishankar Water Fall,Gandhamardhan hills ,BARGARH

Hari is the name of Lord Bishnu and Shankar is the name given to Lord Shiva. This Temple is meant for the Shiva and Bishnu, it’s an idol for the union of both. It is believed in the great epic known as Ramayana, that when the disciple of Lord Rama the great Hero of Rama was swaying in the air with the Giri Gandhamardhan that means the huge mountain known as Gandhamardhan from the High Himalayas that consists of medicinal herbs and was urgently required for treating Laxman who was about to die as he was injured in the Rama Ravana war that took place in Sri Lanka. While traveling, a part of the mountain had fallen from high and this part is now known as Gandhamardhan and presently it has many rich medicinal plants. The mountain is around 300 kilometers in length, 1.5 kilometers in height and around 10 kilometers in width. It is very rich in Alumina and it makes a plateau that looks like a plain from the top view. It is enriched with Sal and the non Sal woods include many of the medicinal species that helps the environment to maintain and balance the economical conditions. There are hundreds of tribal families that earn their daily bread from this mountain by selling the forest products. The lush evergreen dense forest and the flowing breeze, the natural spring and the incidence of Jal Devata, Harisankar and Temple creates an amazing environment that makes it a beautiful picnic spot and a great place that attracts hundreds of visitors daily. Harisankar is the place for pilgrimage, which is very popular for the scenic charm it has and the charisma of Hari and Sankar which are the incarnation of dual deity of Shaivite and Vaishnva sects of Hinduism. It has the coo resort resided deep within the lap of the beautiful nature. Harisankar is a magic potion for the tremendous heat in summer.